In the context of general equities, block trade that matches buy or sell orders/interests, sparing the block trader any inventory risk (no net position and hence none available for additional customers). natural. Antithesis of open. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. clean clean 1 [kliːn] adjective
1. done in a fair or legal way, or showing that you have followed the rules or the law:

• In ethical investment, investors try to buy shares in companies with a clean record.

• His clean credit history will give him access to bank financing.

2. clean products or industrial methods do not damage the environment; = GREEN:

• clean vehicles such as electric cars and natural-gas buses

• clean coal technology

  [m0] II. clean clean 2 verb
clean out phrasal verb [transitive]
1. clean somebody/​something out informal to take all the money of a person or organization:

• The 16 bankrupt financial institutions threatened to clean out the central bank's reserves.

2. clean something → out to improve an organization by removing parts or people that are not making money or are not effective or honest:

• The banks must restructure to cut costs and clean out portfolios that are full of bad loans.

— see also clean-out
clean up phrasal verb
1. [transitive] clean something → up to improve an organization by removing parts or people that are not making money or are not effective or honest:

• The company is cleaning up its income statement and developing a more profitable business.

— see also clean-up
2. [intransitive] to make a lot of money in a deal:

• The traders buying the bonds cleaned up, because they carried high fixed interest rates when inflation was falling quickly.

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clean UK US /kliːn/ adjective
honest and fair, or showing that you have done nothing illegal or morally wrong: a clean record/report/license »

Job applicants must have a clean commercial driver's license.


He said the campaign's priorities will be ""education and clean government.""

ENVIRONMENT free of, or producing no harmful chemicals or substances: clean energy/fuel/technology »

clean energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind power


clean air/water/soil

have clean hands — Cf. have clean hands
clean UK US /kliːn/ verb
clean house — Cf. clean house
clean out your desk/office/locker — Cf. clean out your office/locker
clean up its/your act — Cf. clean up your act
clean UK US /kliːn/ adverb
come clean — Cf. come clean

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